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CESRF Projects

  • Management and Measurement Techniques for Greenhouse Nutrient Recycling [Dr. Michael Dixon - OMAFRA, Flowers Canada]
  • Research and Technology Transfer in the Floriculture Industry, Advanced Technology and Management for Greenhouse Nutrient Recycling [Dr. Michael Dixon - Environment Canada]
  • Applications for Modular Biofiltration in the Mining Industry [Dr. Michael Dixon - CRESTech] (Co-investigator, Dr. Alan Darlington)
  • Development of Integrated Control Systems for Nutrient Management in Controlled Environment Systems [Dr. Michael Dixon - CRESTech]
  • Investigating the Effect of Light to Enhance the Shelf Life of Cut Flowers and Green Vegetables [Dr. Michael Dixon - CRESTech]
  • Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility [Dr. Michael Dixon - CRESTech]
  • Preliminary Testing of Fibre Optic Horticultural Lighting System [Dr. Michael Dixon - Optic Fibre Grow]
  • Modular Biofilter Beta Test Unit [Dr. Michael Dixon - Niagara Under Glass]
  • Tomatosphere - (an educational outreach science project) [Dr. Michael Dixon - Heinz] www.tomatosphere.org
  • Integrated control systems for root and aerial environments of greenhouse crops: Management of allelochemicals and micro-organisms in closed-cycle hydroponic systems [Dr. Bernie Grodzinski - OMAFRA]
  • Genetic and physiological analyses of low light tolerance in natural ecotypes and selected greenhouse ornamentals [Dr. Bernie Grodzinski - Flowers Canada]
  • Integrated biological and physical remediation technologies for recirculating hydroponic systems [Dr. Bernie Grodzinski - CRESTech]
  • Improved plant productivity in closed environments: selection for enhanced photosynthesis and carbon partitioning in plants growing in dense plant canopies [Dr. Bernie Grodzinski - CRESTech]
  • Biological and physical remediation in hydroponic ornamentals; cost effective technologies to promote crop productivity while avoiding environmental contamination [Dr. John Sutton - Flowers Canada]
  • Feasibility of producing high value Allium species in soilless culture, a first step in selecting Native Allium Species for commercial Food Production and The Manned Space Program [Dr. Mary Ruth McDonald - CRESTech]
  • Identification of Major Allelochemicals Found in Closed-Cycle, Hydroponic Systems [Dr. Chris Hall - CRESTech]
  • Rhizofiltration of Salts and Excess Nutrients in Controlled Environments [Dr. Praveen Saxena - CRESTech]
  • Effects of environmental factors and antibiotics on bacterial membranes when grown in simulated microgravity (SMG) [Dr. Jack Trevors - CRESTech]

Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility | Ontario Agricultural College
University of Guelph | Guelph | Ontario | Canada | N1G2W1
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